Installation of Wall Structures in Northern Quebec

Wall structure

A wall is composed of studs, sill plates, top plates & lintels, and is covered with an OSB panel. The holes for the doors & the windows are already bored for you. An air barrier and a lathing can be installed on request.

Studs are made of 2x6, as well as the sill plates & the top plates. A double-sill plate is provided to finalize the assembly on building site.

The lintels are made of timbers and in the case of a long span lintel, or which supports special loads, it will be made of LVL.

The walls all are numbered to facilitate the installation and an assembly drawing is provided.


The walls are generally made of 2x6, on the other hand we can also make walls of 2x4 for garage and shed applications. The walls are made with a sill plate at the bottom, and a top plate at the top. Each section of wall will generally have between 5' & 10' in length. We prefer to make small sections this way, so that the installation can be done using 2 or 3 workmen only. No crane is necessary in most cases. Then the double-top plate (provided) will be installed on the top of the walls on the entire perimeter to solidify each junction. A 7/16" OSB panel is pre-installed on the external side of the wall. On request, we can also install an air barrier and a lathing. This way, the structure is ready to receive the exterior.

Our walls assembly table is simple to use and allows us to make walls between 3' and 9' in height. Its operation is mainly pneumatic. With this equipment, we are able to make walls for a complete project in a very short period of time.

LVL lintels

Our wood beams are of laminated & glued type. We use these kinds of beams in our floors but also to make lintels. LVL beams are available in 9 ½", 11 7/8", 14", 16", 18", 20" & 24" in height. They come in pieces of 60', but are cut in factory with the necessary length. Each LVL part has a thickness of 1 ¾", and in the majority of the cases, the beam will have to be made up of more than one ply, i.e. several pieces of LVL will have to be nailed or bolted together.


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