Roof structure

A roof structure is made up mainly of different type of trusses, but also of beams & hangers in many cases. The structure is calculated according to the load of snow and rain associated with the area in which it will be assembled. Structures Première is a partner of choice for all your roof structure projects.

The larger the load of snow and/or rain is, the stronger the structure must be. Our software calculates all that for you. And the finished structure meets the standards of the national building code. All the elements are numbered and a detailed assembly drawing is provided with each roof structure.

Roof trusses

Our roof trusses are made only with seasoned wood. Generally, we can manufacture almost any models of truss conceivable. For the roof trusses which exceed 12' in height, we make them in two sections so that they can be moved onto the road. The plates which we use for the assembly are provided by Mitek.

The assembly of the roof trusses is done mainly on a dedicated table, which comprises a 50 tons press. A laser projection system traces the image of each roof truss directly on the table, which makes it possible to accelerate considerably the setup of the mould to make the truss. Then we have two projectors systems which show the roof trusses on the wall on 4' X 8' screens. This system makes it possible to show the roof truss being made, to every worker at the same time, and also makes it possible to have the information of the next truss to manufacture, so that a worker can begin to collect the material for the next truss.

The other advantage of this system is the considerable reduction in paper use. Indeed, before the installation of this system, for the information of the trusses to circulate well between the workers, it was necessary to have two or three sheets with each roof trusses. Even then, not all workers had the information in hand at all times. With the projectors, it is the case; all the workers have the same information at any time, just looking at the wall.

We also have a second assembly table for the roof trusses that we use for the smaller trusses, the monos trusses, the floor joists, etc.


The ladders are used to make the cornice in a roof structure with two slopes. The last trusses (the ones that completely sit above the walls) are dropped the thickness of a 2x4, and the ladders, made with 2x4, are installed over those trusses and are nailed in the second truss. In this way, the cornice is much more solid than if we only let the OSB panel exceed the last truss and that we rebuild a structure below.

Our new ladders assembly table is very ergonomic. Work is thus faster and it is less physically challenging for the worker.

LVL beams

Our wood beams are of laminated & glued type. We use these beams in our roof structures in specific cases. LVL beams are deliverable in 9 ½", 11 7/8", 14", 16", 18", 20" & 24" in height. They come in pieces from 60', but are cut in factory with the necessary length. Each LVL part has a thickness of 1 ¾", and in the majority of the cases, the beam will have to be made up of more than one ply, i.e. several pieces of LVL will have to be nailed or bolted together.


In our structures, we only use renowned brand hangers. These famous hangers are easy to install and are of very high quality.


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